How to Build a Gaming PC for Streaming

Today, we are describing how to build a gaming PC for streaming from its beginning to end.  There we are also covering the best and most professional gaming PC setup which contains long-lasting and upgrade quality components. So, all these most optimal parts will make your choice best for a streaming PC.

Technically,  you can come on live any professional PC and an AMD 600 laptop is also a great choice for you. However, those people who are looking for upgrade outcomes need to get a high-quality gaming PC for their use. Moreover, you can also choose a quality case from our blog’s best Pc Cases Under 100.

However, there we will also discuss all those things that you need to install including drivers, motherboard utilities as well as Streamlabs.

Indeed,  it is necessary to get quality hardware as it effectively depends on working efficiency. However, there are few  GPUs and CPUs that do a good performance and it depends on the kind of stream encoding.

Stream Encoding

If you are fresher then you should understand the process to publish the best computer for streaming twitch streaming services including Twitch YouTube gaming or Facebook gaming.

There you need to do that from either CPU-based encoding such as the x264 encoder or GPU-based encoding such as the NVENC encoder which works excellently.

Furthermore, you should require to choose with your streaming and gaming computers when you desire to perform CPU or GPU encoding. Indeed, it will influence your almost all components choices for what kinds of streaming and gaming PC you eventually prefer.


Today, there are seven out of ten times suggestions Ryzen. Indeed, it provides an additional processor in budget streaming pc build 2022 and the best gaming efficiency per dollar. Moreover, the Ryzen processors are commonly superior versatile CPUs and are an excellent choice for streaming as well as for editing.

Similarly, such an operation will do slightly quicker for almost every section on a Ryzen processor contrasting an Intel processor. So, the PC is also coming with an  RTX 2080 powerful graphics card with an NVENC encoder.

Although, mostly,  you will desire to remain with Ryzen processors for a streaming and gaming PC as they are flexible and robust.


It is very simple and safe to buy any kind of motherboard you want. Mostly, purchasing a specific motherboard does not improve your PC any superior for streaming or gaming as you need. However, we are suggesting if you’re choosing to practice an elevated Intel or Ryzen processor. So, you combine it with an upgrade chipset motherboard.

For Ryzen, when you select an eight-core or upgrade chip, then we suggest that you should move forward and get an X570 motherboard. However, whenever, you have to decide on an 8 or 10 core K series Intel CPU, go with a Z490 motherboard.

You can also make your decision perfect and accurate from our blog’s best white motherboards for gaming which will prove very helpful for you.


There we are here with the suggestion of  16 gigabytes of RAM which will prove a great choice for you. Moreover,  eight is also not perfect and suitable for gaming purposes and if you include streaming on peaks of that, you’re with poor gaming/streaming performance.

Indeed, you can move here easily almost with 32 GB such as we have our setup. However, you will find a lot of support and assistance with streaming. Although, there will be a perceptible variation in film production where you update anything insane with a lot of dramatic images.  So, we think that this will not be any post-stream game recap.

Graphics Cards

Now, if you are interested in a GPU-based encoding PC and want to invest your budget in an upgrade NVIDIA graphics card. Although, the RTX 2060 or more will perform better with that NVENC encoder.

But if you’re on a budget, then you require an upgrade graphics card. Indeed, a graphics card can provide you with those FPS that will assist your gaming performance.

It will be reflected on your Twitch or any other social media followers, then choose a finance AMD or NVIDIA graphics card as you want. Now, if you want anything quick enjoy the benefits of a 144hz compatible sports panel.

Then, you should spend on a medium and upgrade your graphics card and enjoy from best pc for streaming and gaming.


You will find a lot of choices accessible for storage. However, when we are developing a dedicated streaming and gaming PC. Then, we would have a primary storage drive of 256 gigabytes or 512 gigabyte SSD for our software management and pc gaming.

Similarly, we would experience further massive storage hard drive (1TB or 2TB) to discharge our sports and movies stuff from our streams.

In our opinion, it would be the upgrade option as you will have a quick drive to start up your windows. There is also a hard drive from which you can practice playing games, generate multimedia content, or stream features.

Power Supply

There we are also suggesting the utilization of a power supply calculator (Coolermaster). Because it will measure the power which your system will use in working.

Indeed, its range will be from 500 watts to 700 watts and effectively depends on the kind of your pc hardware.

PC Case

Our PC experiences the dark flash DLV22 upright PC system with a few RGB blades and their dual 120 millimeters AIO fluid conditioner. If you are working with ATX size motherboard micro ATX size motherboard then always choose micro ATX  or larger.

Indeed, a similar situation is also for ATX. So, you must have an ATX  enclosure or larger if you’re using an ATX sized motherboard.

CPU Cooler

You can choose any cooler which you like the most. However, the stock cooler is great and can prove very productive for you. There is also a flashy dark flash cooler that will preserve the CPU cool and quick that you like.

What is the procedure to build a gaming PC for streaming?

When you have completed the single streaming setup 2022 of your pc then you need to install windows 10. Indeed, it is very simple and easy to perform. After the completion of windows, 10 installations are then given priority in GPU drivers installation.

Similarly, you can choose any kind of graphic card you like. But, always install your recommend graphic card and relevant drivers.

We are suggestings performing the express installation. Then, you should install and download the motherboard drivers from their official website.

After this, you should install appropriate software for your RGB equipment. Now, you just need to install the XSplit. Many people use OBS or Streamlabs. So, if you like anyone then you can install them easily as you want.

Now, if your PC is proceeding to be a CPU-based encoding PC or GPU-based encoding PC  as it will rely on your move to the export panel and your OBS/Streamlab arrangement, and you select if you desire to experience the x264 or NVENCencoder.

There in our PC, we have an RTX 2060 ultra, and we also experience the NVENC encoder with it.

Final words :

We conclude that we have described above the complete process of how to build a gaming pc for streaming which will prove very experience for you.

Moreover, we have described above the best and most professional components including processor, graphic cards, motherboards, ram, etc which will make your purchase perfect and long-lasting.