The 5 Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100

The most popular and best gaming keyboard under $100 in 2021

Today, it is challenging and hard work to find out the best gaming keyboard. Particularly when you buy a gaming keyboard with a strict budget, because there are multiple types of gaming keyboards in the market with a budget flood, you will please know that we will tell you the best gaming keyboard under 100 $. All these have premium features, a top mechanical keyboard, superb durability, RGB, and fast response.

Moreover, readout our complete article, which has the best gaming keyboard under $100 that is very beneficial for selecting the best and long-lasting keyboard. So, these are the five best gaming keyboard under 100  includes:

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard

 Product description:

Today, the best and affordable gaming keyboard under 100 is Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard. Moreover, the RGB Backlit keyboard is also coming with a gaming combo mouse. Furthermore, the gaming keyboard has seven multiple RGB Lighting modes and attractive effects. Similarly, it has high quality four background illumination quantity with simple respire frequency.

However, compact top key manufacturing that provides bright uniform back illumination WIN key would paralyzed for the purposes of gaming. Moreover, the advanced such Keyboard design are suitable for superb typing tools for office and further use. Furthermore, the excellent manufacturing comes into existence from withstanding of liquid spill average. However, the durable wrist comfy also provides you excellent performance for marathon gaming sessions. Secondly, the best gaming keyboard under $100 also has a mixed media and anti-shade gaming keyboard.

Similarly, It also has ten excellent Multi-media keys with 12 extra FN+ total of 114 multi-media keys. All these Keys are also sharp and compact manufacturing for longevity. So, this gaming keyboard durability response to precious tactile feedback. Indeed, it comes in a full numeric keypad, 30G acceleration, and 6 Buttons from 5 are programmable buttons .

Moreover, it has limited Mac OS keyboard support. In short, it is the best brand from all other computers and Gaming PCs.

Main features :

  • Redragon brand
  • Compact and safe Wired connections
  •  With 104 total numbers of buttons
  • Gaming Keyboard features
  • Total of 104 Keyboard Keys
  • The mouse has 65ips /3600fps scanning Speed.
  • Mouse with 8 x 2.4g tuning for weights and Red Backlight
  • The mouse has 6 (5) Programmable Buttons.
  • Also 3200dpi mouse
  • Also 12 +10 Independent Multi-media Key
  •  5 RGB Backlight Mode
  • With Keyboard 114 Key in Number
  • Black and White color option
  • With 2 in 1 combo type
  • 7.48 x 18.11 x 0.79 inches product dimension
  • Approximately 2.16 pounds in weight
  • Redragon manufacturer
  • Excellent and fast performance
  • Cheap and easy to buy
  • Good performance with PS4
  • High-quality RGB light
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns
  • High-quality mouse with a fabric wire 
  • No high-quality plastic manufacturing
  • Few keys do not work correctly.
  • With too small Keyboard wrist rest 

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

Product description :

Today the most selling gaming keyboard is Razer Green black window ultimate keyboard that coming with Mechanical Switches. Therefore, Gaming, business, printing, composing, and others with excellent features have many benefits. Firstly, the best gaming keyboard under $100 has mechanical switches that also give optimized actuation and facilities for reset the points.

Moreover, its performance is also good with fast and sharp by following all our commands. So, an excellent keyboard that resistant virtually to dust and water. Moreover, verifications prove that it also has a remarkable ability to withstand IP54 conditions. However, coming also with fast programmable backlit keys and a simple adjustable setting. So, buy this in-house manufacturing ten key rollover and anti-ghosting technology gaming keyboard now!

Main features :

  •  6.54 x 17.57 x 1.65 inches keyboard dimension
  • Approximately 2.77 lbs in weight
  • Black in color
  • Razer brand
  • Compact Hardware PC Platform
  • Microsoft Windows driver system
  • With1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Razer Inc manufacturer
  •  B077J2BJ2F ASIN
  • Independently Backlit Keys with sharp lighting effects
  • Water- and Dust-Resistant
  • Excellent safeguard against accidents with IP54 tested up.
  • Compact Razer Mechanical Switches -manufactures for Gaming.
  • Anti-ghosting Manufacturing for over 10 Key Roll
  • Compact Razer Synapse for forwarding configuration
  • Eye-catching and modern design
  • Excellent and fast response
  • Also programmable backlights
  • Affordable and easy to buy
  • Complete customer satisfaction and two years warranty
  • Excellent features to adjust with software.
  • Loud produce from keys
  • Sticking of few keys with time
  • No quality manufacturing

ETROBOT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

 Product description :

ETROBER RGB mechanical gaming keyboards are the best choice for the firm and durable keyboard. Moreover, the best gaming keyboard under $100 is coming with blue switches with excellent performance. Because such buttons are also best with clicky switch and tactile bump typing skills and official help, so, you can enjoy it with an incredible feeling of rhythm and best for office and hardcore gamer purposes.

So, you can also enjoy a wired RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with several colors from FN+~ button. Moreover, all also do without CD and any software in a good performance. Indeed, now press FN+INS—PD and set up 18 backlight modes. In this way, multiple keys present, like FN+PS for 13 side-lit backlight modes and FN+, for color settings. Moreover, it also has a complete Metal Case and compact Injection Key Cap. So, buy this perfect Anti-ghosting 104 Keys and Shortcuts Multimedia now!

Main features :

  • Good Wired Connections
  • ETROBOT brand
  • 104 total Number of Buttons
  • Multimedia Keyboard Description
  • 104 total Number of Keyboard Keys
  • Excellent Laptop and
  • PC Hardware Platform
  • Approximately 2.5 pounds in weight
  • Also 17.52 x 5.71 x 1.5 inches keyboard dimension
  • With Black+RGB LED in color
  • ETROBOT Manufacturer
  • More attractive with rainbow mode
  • Also, comfy for typing and playing purposes
  • Cheap and easy to buy
  • Very lovely for color changing fades
  • With MX cherry brown switches
  • High-quality, customizable lights
  • The font is not attractive.
  • The presence of engraved letters on the side is not right.
  • Does not shows excellent support

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NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard

Product description :

NPET K10 is a professional Gaming Keyboard coming with UV coated and injection laser ABS keycaps style. Moreover, it also has a letter of features never fade and tactile feedback. Moreover, it also has compact metal, and ABS manufacturing with four backlit modes LED lighting. However, it also has excellent breathing features, a perfect option for Gaming without light, and an adjustable brightness setting. The keyboard also has standard 104 Keys, multi-media combination 13 keys, and 26 non-conflict keys.

So, the manufacturing of modern Ergonomic design and Arc keycap gives you comfy feelings with smooth lines. Moreover, the best choice for Gaming, composing, typing, and office purposes. Similarly, it is also water-resistant, two angle feet back, and waterproof braid USB cables. Consequently, this product comes with multiple windows like 10, 8, 7, VISTA, and Mac OS.So, always choose only the NPET K10 gaming keyboard for an excellent performance.

Main features :

  •      Wired Connections
  •      NPET brand
  •  104 total number of Buttons
  •  Gaming Keyboard Description
  • 104 Total Number of Keyboard Keys
  • Anti-ghosting 26 keys in a gaming keyboard
  • Also, LED Rainbow lightening.
  • 17.32 x 5.51 x 0.98 inches product dimension
  • Approximately 1.32 pounds in weight
  • NPET manufacturer
  • Anti-Sweat and water resistance
  • Attractive RGB colors
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Cheap and easy to buy
  • With quality USB wire
  • Fast and excellent response
  • It does not require drivers.
  • No LEDs adjustment
  • Cannot change solid colors
  • No comfy size 

SteelSeries Apex 3

Product description:

If you are looking for the best gaming keyboard , SteelSeries Apex 3 is the only best selection. Because it has many useful features of Ip32 water-resistant and 10-zone RGB brightness. Moreover, it also has whisper decent gaming switches that use almost 20 million of keypresses friction. Similarly, it also has a composition of Premium magnetic wrist rest that very beneficial for comfy performance. Decent multi-media present that set up volume and another set in merely. You will also enjoy the simple and easy adjustment of colors and keys on any OS. So, it is the best product that has many features, excellent design, and compact manufacturing. So, buy this quality gaming keyboard now!

Main features :

  •  SteelSeries brand
  • Gaming Keyboard Description
  • Total 104 Number of Keyboard Keys
  • Hardware PC Platform
  • Approximately 2.79 pounds in weight
  • 17.52 x 1.57 x 5.94 inches in dimension
  • SteelSeries Manufacturer
  • Also, B07ZGDPT4M ASIN


  • Compact and strong
  • It also has a USB port.
  • High quality and adjustable backlight
  • Available in multiple attractive colors
  • Affordable
  • Premium magnetic wrist rest

Cons :

  • The keys are a little heavy.
  • Without warranty
  • Few keys are loud and clunky.

Conclusion :

We conclude that these five are the best and most selling gaming keyboard in 2021. Because these have compact and robust manufacturing, decent wire connection, affordable, long-lasting, smooth, and comfy buttons, you can choose the in multiple colors and lightening. So, you can buy it easily from a nearby market and online. In short, these five are the only best gaming keyboard under $100 in this flooded market. So, always follow our article for the best selection of Gaming, office, or composing keyboard.